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PrescribeIT and Public Health Emergencies

Patients, healthcare professionals, pharmacies and vendors are critical in our journey to establish PrescribeIT® as the national e-prescribing service. At all times, we endeavour to adopt a flexible approach that is mindful of the priorities of our partners. This does not change during emergency situations. Seeking input from our partners, and guidance from public, provincial/territorial and federal health care leaders, we will guide all our operations accordingly, including in the mindful deployment of the PrescribeIT® service to physicians, nurse practitioners and in pharmacies. 

PrescribeIT® can be a significant asset when in-person visits with health care professionals are not possible, or not recommended. PrescribeIT® reduces the need for in-person physician or nurse practitioner visits and enables vulnerable populations to limit their time outside thereby reducing their risk of infection. For prescribers offering virtual consultations with patients, prescriptions can be sent electronically to the patient’s pharmacy of choice and pharmacies can request prescription renewals from a patient’s prescribing doctor electronically.

During uncertain times, front-line pharmacists can also face incremental demands on their time. PrescribeIT® enables pharmacies to receive prescriptions directly into the pharmacy management system and allows pharmacists to electronically request prescription renewals from the physician, allowing pharmacies more time for patient care.

Finally, PrescribeIT® offers the ability for prescribers and pharmacies to send secure clinical communication to each other through the integrated messaging tool. This permits pharmacists and prescribers to quickly align on an appropriate course of action and provide the best medication approach for their patients.