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PrescribeIT Updates

PrescribeIT Continues to Expand to New Communities, Build Partnerships

Canada Health Infoway is working with many jurisdictions and vendors to scale PrescribeITTM to new communities and systems.

Over the very busy summer and fall, Infoway has started working with two more jurisdictions, bringing the total engagement with jurisdictions to nine.

To ensure e-prescribing is a seamless experience for prescribers and pharmacists, PrescribeITTM, an independent, not-for profit e-prescribing service, is working with a number of electronic medical record and pharmacy management system vendors, including PS Suite EMR, Med Access EMR and Kroll pharmacy management system. Vendors, including ABELSoft, Canadian Health Systems Inc., Indivica, InputHealth, KAI Innovations/OSCAR, Wolf EMR, Microquest Inc., P&P Data Systems, Genesis PMS, Pharmaclik, QuickRX and Fillware Technologies, are working to integrate PrescribeITTM into their solutions. Discussions are ongoing with other vendors to ensure PrescribeIT’s availability across the country.

In addition, PrescribeITTM is working with 31 community pharmacy companies, including recently announced McKesson Canada, and more than 1,700 prescribers (representing more than 1.4 million patients) have expressed an interest in the service.

“PrescribeITTM has made incredible progress over the past few months, expanding our reach across Canada,” said Bobbi Reinholdt, Executive Vice President at Infoway. “Our partners will help reduce the use of paper, auto-faxed and telephone prescriptions, which will enhance patient safety.”

A recent PrescribeITTM update introduced new functionality to Canada’s only national, vendor-neutral e-prescribing service, including clinical communications, Rx dispense notifications, dispense cancel notifications, prescription cancellation, and deferred transmission while simultaneously accommodating medical office assistant workflow.

Want to learn more about PrescribeITTM? Join our webinar series aimed at clinicians. Our Nov. 20 webinar is aimed at prescribers and our Nov. 22 session is aimed at pharmacists. Register today to learn about the benefits of incorporating e-prescribing into your practice. Missed the first webinar in the series? View PrescribeITTM: Modernizing the Prescribing Process, One Electronic Prescription at a Time online.