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How PrescribeIT Works

PrescribeITTM integrates seamlessly into electronic medical records and pharmacy management systems, enabling prescribers to electronically submit prescriptions to pharmacies. PrescribeITTM includes:

  • Create Rx - PrescribeITTM creates a net new prescription
  • Renew Rx Request - Pharmacists can send a renewal request to the prescriber and, if approved, the prescriber sends back a new prescription
  • Rx Status - The prescriber will be able to see if their prescription has been dispensed or the dispense has been cancelled
  • Public Drug Formulary - Prescribers will have integrated access to public drug formularies to ensure drug coverage in advance of prescribing
  • Clinical Communication - Secure messaging functionality between prescribers and pharmacies supports improved collaboration

PrescribeITTM Features

  • Patient-directed. Prescriptions are transmitted directly to a patient’s pharmacy of choice.
  • Deferred transmission. If patients are unsure which pharmacy they want to go to, or if their pharmacy of choice is not PrescribeITTM enabled, a copy of the prescription is sent to PrescribeITTM without being directed to a particular pharmacy. The prescription information can be retrieved by a PrescribeITTM-enabled pharmacy when the patient presents the authoritative paper copy of the prescription containing a unique barcode. Non-PrescribeITTM enabled pharmacies can simply use the paper copy of the prescription as they would normally.
  • Rx dispense notification. Rx dispense notifications are sent to EMRs when a PrescribeITTM medication or non-medication order has been received and processed through a pharmacy system.
  • Rx dispense cancel notification. In the event a prescription delivered through PrescribeITTM is not picked up by the patient and is cancelled in a pharmacy system, a cancel dispense notification will be sent to the prescriber’s EMR.
  • Prescription Cancel. Prescribers can cancel a prescription that has been electronically transmitted from an EMR to a specific pharmacy through PrescribeITTM. Upon receiving a cancel prescription message, the pharmacy can send one of three responses back to the prescriber depending on the action the pharmacy has been taken on the prescription.