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  • Blog Post: e-Prescribing Improves Patient Safety Over Emailed and Auto-faxed Prescriptions

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    While on the surface, emailed and auto-faxed prescriptions may look the same as e-prescribing, there's a big difference between them when it comes to patient safety.

  • Blog Post: 14% of Canadians Have Lost or Damaged a Prescription — and This Comes at a Cost

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    14 per cent of Canadians have lost or damaged a prescription. Of those, 17 per cent (700,000 Canadians) decided to not fill their prescriptions as a result, which can lead to adverse patient outcomes and increased health system costs.

  • Blog Post: Medication Non-adherence: Exploring the Tension Between Patient Safety and Patient Autonomy

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    Roughly 30 per cent of prescriptions generated by prescribers for their patients go unfilled, which could result in the worsening of a patient’s condition. If prescribers were to receive notifications when a prescription goes unfilled, does this...

  • Blog Post: e-Prescribing Can Provide Some Much-needed Peace of Mind

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    Sometimes when life gets in the way, it can be difficult to find the time to get a prescription filled. e-Prescribing can add a little bit of much-needed convenience and peace of mind to our lives.

  • Blog Post: e-Prescribing: Safety. Quality. Both.

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    e-Prescribing not only offers convenience and efficiency, but also a potential for enhancements in quality and safety by eliminating some of the ambiguity in prescribing practices.

  • Blog Post: Thoughts on e-Prescribing and Safety

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    It’s important not to think of e-prescribing as an isolated end in itself, but as part of a system need that needs to interact at a high degree of accuracy and integrity to ensure safety.

  • Blog Post: e-Prescribing Facilitates Patient Safety and Better Health Outcomes

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    Replacing paper or faxed prescriptions with e-prescribing comes with many benefits, including improved patient safety and better health outcomes.

  • Blog Post: Taking an Important Step towards Medication Safety with e-Prescribing

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    Canada is now the second largest consumer of prescription opioids in the world. Learn why e-prescribing is an important step towards medication safety.

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